Raed Yousef Jadallah

August, 31, 2021: Raed Yousef Jadallah, 39, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired live rounds at him, when they attacked him along with several other Palestinian workers in a crossing area of the Annexation Wall, near the western entrance of Beit Ur al-Tahta village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Eyewitnesses the Palestinian suffered serious wounds, on Tuesday at night, and bled to death after the soldiers refused to allow any Palestinian to approach him.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the Palestinian Civil Coordination Office was informed by the Israeli side that the young man has died from his wounds.

The slain man, who was identified as Raed Yousef Jadallah, 39, is in Beit Ur at-Tahta and also bears a Jerusalem ID card, the Maan News Agency said.

The Palestinian was returning home from work in occupied Jerusalem when the soldiers delivered the fatal shots.

The slain Palestinian man did not attack, or attempt to attack the soldiers, when they started firing at the Palestinian workers to force them away.

Hours after he was fatally shot, and his corpse was detained by the army, Palestinian medics managed retrieve his body, and moved it to Palestinian Medical Complex in Ramallah.

Such attacks targeting Palestinian workers near the various gates and crossing points of the Annexation Wall in the occupied West Bank, are frequent and have led to dozens of casulaties, including fatalities.

Raed was from Beit Ur al-Tahta, west of Ramallah. Source: IMEMC