Khalil Mohammad Lubbad

Khalil LubbadSeptember 20th, 2020: Khalil Mohammad Lubbad, 27, died when a tunnel collapsed on him in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Three other fighters were injured in the collapse, all of whom were members of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

Medical sources said the fighter was taken to the Indonesian Hospital, in Jabalia, along with three other Palestinians who were injured in the same incident, and that one of them is in a serious condition.

Dozens of Palestinians, including civilians not affiliated with any armed resistance groups, were killed and scores were injured in similar accidents, while many were killed or injured when the Israeli army bombarded the tunnels while they were working in them.

Tunnels in Gaza are not all used by armed resistance groups to smuggle weapons into the besieged coastal region, as many are used to smuggle goods and supplies, including medical supplies and fuel, into the enclave.

Many Palestinian civilians work in the tunnels to provide for their families due to the high levels of unemployment and poverty.

Khalil was from Jabalia refugee camp, in northern Gaza. Source: IMEMC

Dr. Nidal Mohammad Jabbarin

Nidal JabbarinSeptember 18th, 2020: Nidal Mohammad Akram Jabbarin, 54, a dentist, was killed by a concussion grenade fired by Israeli forces stationed at the Barta’a military roadblock, southwest of Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the dentist, identified as Nidal Mohammad Akram Jabbarin, 54, suffered a heart attack after the soldiers fired the concussion grenades at the Palestinians while waiting to be allowed through the military roadblock.

An eyewitness said that Dr. Jabarin was walking in the dedicated area for pedestrians near the military roadblock when a soldier directly fired a concussion grenade at him before he suffered a shock and fell onto the ground.

The head of the Emergency Services at the Palestinian Red Crescent, Dr. Mahmoud Sa’adi, said the medics rushed to the military roadblock to provide him with the needed medical aid, but he was already dead.

Dr. Wisam Abu Baker, the head of Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital in Jenin, said Dr. Jabbarin was taken to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was officially pronounced dead despite all efforts to save his life.

The deceased dentist is a married father of four and runs a dental clinic in Jenin, where he also did a lot of charity work to help the poor who need treatment.

Jabarin is from the Marah Sa’ad neighborhood, in Jenin city, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

His funeral procession was held in Jenin a few hours after his death and was attended by hundreds of Palestinians, who marched while chanting against the ongoing and escalating Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.

Social, political national, and religious figures in Jenin denounced the latest Israeli crime and called for forming an international committee to investigate Israel’s escalating violations and to hold it accountable.

Nidal was from Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank. Source: IMEMC

Daoud Tal’at Khatib

Daoud KhatibSeptember 3, 2020: Daoud Tal’at Khatib, 45, died in Ofer Israeli prison, and added that the only information the Israeli authorities are giving so far indicates he died from a heart attack.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society issued a statement mourning the detainee, identified as Daoud Tal’at Khatib, 45, from Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, and added that the detainee was abducted by the soldiers in April 2002, and was sentenced to 18 years and eight months in prison. He was only a few months away from being released.

The PPS added that Israel is claiming he died from a heart attack, but without any further information, and added that the detainee, throughout the years of imprisonment, has faced numerous health complications, including a heart attack a few years ago, in addition to undergoing an open-heart surgery.

The one statement given by Israel alleged that the detainee “fainted while in his room in Ofer Prison, and that guards tried to revive him, but he passed away.”

The PPS added that Israel rejected various appeals for Daoud’s release on humanitarian grounds so that he can receive the needed treatment at specialized medical centers.

It is worth mentioning that both of his parents died while he was in prison. The deceased detainee was held at the Negev Desert Detention camp.

His death brings the number of detainees who died in Israeli prison since 1967 to 225, including dozens who were tortured to death and others who were shot while in prison.

The PPS called on international human rights groups and legal organizations to practice pressure on Israel to improve the continuously declining living conditions of the detainees, and to release all ailing prisoners, especially amidst the current coronavirus pandemic, and added that Israel’s prison system where the Palestinians are held lacks basic requirements as the prisons have chronic sanitization issues, bad air ventilation, in addition to awful smells, infestations of bugs and cockroaches among other things.

It added that Ofer Prison, where the detainee died, has recently witnesses a sharp increase in Covid-19 infections among the detainees.

Daoud was from Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank. Source: IMEMC